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Yes you read right we're moving out of blogger for a more controled space..

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

News - What's For The Holidays

Well a few shows , a few parades and plenty of cheap, clean fun....

That's just today after work listings :D

Go have some fun they'll be more updates later...

Further more if any of you would ;like to steer Apt. NYC toward your event or one that your familiar with, then post a reply I'd live the list...

Yes , all customs will be considered.When advertising the shows.....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Christ Sakes Not Halal - First the Sauce

Green Pepper , Red as well and Parmesan . Fresh lite pref'd. olive oil. finally fresh black liquorish...

Get a glass jar or empty wine bottle ..
Note: as sug. here

Wash containers thoroughly, then sterilize by immersing the jars in a pan of hot water and simmering for 10 minutes. Once jars are sterilized, remove from the simmering water and invert on paper towel to dry.

Hot oil Ver.
The Parmesan, then add the oil, green & red peppers (Jalapenos are an optional addition). Place a bottle necks full amount off Liqu. in a pan and heat on med. add the Liq. last for the sweetness.Stir off and on and don't let it any way near burn.....

Cold oil Ver.
Fill the bottom with Parmesan, then add the oil, green & red peppers (Jalapenos are an optional addition). Place a bottle necks full amount of liq. and steady it via tie a string around it and tie it to the top outside part of the bottle,etc.shake the tightly closed bot, every few hrs..

Let it sit in a window (yes be careful with the temp) or a fridge for about 1 - 1 1/2 week's..

Use, cute snack or ingredient

Price $6.00

Stage Light - Light on the Ladies

You hate monday's well join some other's if you have the taxi fare..
Ladies Night

As it seem's for mearly self promotional reasons you can go to town on the booz..
No S*@$ ! (sorry I visited them earlier).......

I had this shovel and---, oh yeah.Um, it'll be some what fun it's at the Radio Lounge,Franklin Street.. N.Y. (yes I sug. you check the address).
Dress to compliment, though your well drinking no one wants a complete slob, sharing the glass with them..

Cash sug. $40
Eat before you leave home !

Drive - Silent Hill 2 Mobile

Our review is quite simple...Game at your own risk!The silent hill franchise has come pretty far, I wish the mobile version had influenced it a little more. But I don't like the mobile direction...It holds your mobilized attentions for about 10hr's without walkthough's..5 min. with a good one .It is a occult based in it's theme , and you'll "have " to analize the games statement wether you want to or not

Note: For a feel of what I'm ref'ing to in this game (read below)........
A demonic joke left in the game is found with a burning body, whom is holding a "note pad" as an item for you..

E.g. burning the idea of happiness into the "mind "(German mainly ref. to the mind, as mind and body are one in the same) . Further more he seems to have thought to much (as in god) or to little (as in the devil, or child) of him self and forth his life down to it's very soul (Fire = Living also the dead).The note pad representing Eden...

The whole thing is quite humorous if you view it properly..As for the full review. it works like this.
I don't feel the game highlight's the bad guy enough... I think their trying to get too cinematic rather than offer game play.. I found my self practicing a few occult rituals, characters I didn't give a fig about.. Enemies that seemed to hold more use to the narration than the combat part of the game...I am little confused on whom the bad guy was..
Happy that I had found (d'loaded) a good book though...

The story goes to far away from the fist PS 1 venture for me but the whole franchise has soo....

It covers the topics of God, Man, Abortion, Death,Cruelty,Cultism, Seclusion's,Rape, Apocalypse...

Suggested yeah , if your an "ADULT" !!! Other wise don't go near it...

Price about $7 via mobile D'load...

There's a "package that comes with my walk through" to celebrate my production...

The release date will be announced here ?

Your T.V.


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